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The Forst Group Expert Witness Services & Consulting 
Reliability and Trust: With over 30 years’ mortgage banking experience our CEO has built a reputation of being a trusted and reliable partner. Our clients range from the largest Mortgage Banking firms to neighborhood banks. We excel in Default Servicing focusing on Compliance , Loss Severity and Loss Frequency. 
Expert Witness Services: We have been retained as Expert Witnesses for all types of Mortgage Litigation both on the state and federal level. We represent both creditors and consumers. You will find that we work in a thorough and expeditious manner.  We diligently research the matter at hand and are well versed in all aspects of the case. 
  • Expert Witness Services  

  • Mortgage Servicing Consulting

  • Servicing Operations Review

  • Compliance Review

  • Risk Evaluation

  • CFPB Overview and Evaluation

  • Drafting Default Policy and Procedure

Contact us at:  (844) 913-3039
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