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Scott Forst - Founder and CEO

Mr. Forst has more than 30 years’ mortgage servicing and origination experience specializing in the servicing of distressed portfolios. He started his career in collections and worked his way up through the ranks of management serving as a SVP of Default Servicing for a publicly traded company. He was the Head of Compliance for a mortgage banking firm based out of Dallas. He has worked his way through the management ranks of companies and government agencies including: The Department of Treasury, Bayview Financial, NovaStar Mortgage, Ocwen Financial, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America.   He has been directly involved in hundreds of litigation matters and served as factual witness giving testimony in depositions and trials since 1996. He has been involved on cases ranging from wrongful foreclosure, Bankruptcy stay violations, violation of discharge, loan repurchase, as well as class action suits. Mr. Forst has been retained as an Expert Witness and Consultant on litigation matters throughout the United States, both on the federal and state level.  He has represented both creditors and consumers.

Contact us at:  (844) 913-3039
Mission Statement:
To be the premier provider of Mortgage Expert Witness solutions to our law firms and Mortgage Banking Partners throughout the United States.
Vision Statement: 
To be at the forefront of providing trusted answers to our mortgage litigation law firms and their creditor clients by providing top shelf Expert Witness and Consulting Services.
The Forst Group’s Primary Objectives: 
To become a trusted business partner to each of our law firms and our Mortgage Servicers.  
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