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  What You Need to Know About a Class Action Suit

A class action suit is not as common in the United States as it is in other countries. However, there are still hundreds of new cases opened each year. Learn more about this type of lawsuit and what it can mean for you, below.


What is a Class Action Suit?


Commonly referred to as a class action lawsuit, this type of case involves a group of people all being represented as a whole by one member of the group. As a consumer, you may have received a piece of mail in the past that let you know about a class action suit that may have affected you, and that you were entitled to compensation.


What Legal Services Might Be Needed?


Both the party filing the suit and the party defending themselves will need to hire a lawyer to take the case to court. The representative member of the group will work with the lawyer to inform others who may have been harmed in the same way. The case may be settled out of court, or taken in front of a judge and jury.


Why Hire a Lawyer?


When it comes to legal proceedings, it is usually in your best interest to hire a lawyer to represent you. A lawyer will understand the nuances of the law, and fight for you to receive just compensation. Trying to handle a case on your own may save you money on legal fees, but you might not be able to negotiate as large of a payout as a lawyer.


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For help with your class action suit, please contact us at The Forst Group today. We offer a variety of legal services including serving as an expert witness, consulting, and compliance review.

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