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Mortgage Expert

  Working With a Mortgage Expert for Creditor Defense

As a mortgage creditor, you loan money to people so they can buy their own homes. When they do not pay back the loan, you are able to get the money from them in other ways, as per the terms of the agreement. If the borrower feels you have been unfair, they may wish to take you to court to avoid paying you back. This is when you may need the help of a mortgage expert to support your case.


What is a Mortgage Expert?


A mortgage expert is someone who has extensive skills, education, certifications, and/or experience in the mortgage industry. They may have previously been a mortgage servicer or worked for a mortgage bank. Regardless of the situation, the judge of the court has deemed them to be an impartial authority on the topic of mortgages.


What Do They Do?


When the day comes for the mortgage expert to appear in court, they will take the witness stand and be asked a specific question as it pertains to the case. Although they may advocate for the creditor defense team, they do not work for either party. Instead, they act as a third party and work on behalf of the court. They will answer the question with facts, and may be asked to provide their opinion on the case. They may discuss the process for originating a loan, paying back a loan, or making loan modifications.


Call The Forst Group


If you require the services of a mortgage expert for your case, please call The Forst Group today at 844-913-3039. We can discuss your needs and schedule a consultation to provide more information about our services and how we can work best together.

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