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Mortgage Servicing

When to Hire a Mortgage Servicing Expert Witness

When a borrower defaults on a loan, it may be due to the fact that the mortgage servicer did not complete their due diligence and provided the borrower with a loan that they could never repay. If this is done knowingly, it is common for the case to go to court so the borrower can recoup their financial investment. In some cases, an expert witness may be called in to help with the case.


What is an Expert Witness?


An expert witness is a person who has enough skills, education, training, certifications, and/or experience for a court judge to qualify them as an expert on the subject matter relating to the current case. They serve as an impartial third party to provide facts and their educated opinions on a specific question about the case.


Why You Might Need One


An expert witness is typically called in to court when one party needs a trusted member of the community to explain certain facts about a procedure that the average person would not know or easily understand. For example, a surgeon may be called in to explain the process of performing a heart operation and provide their opinion on whether the doctor in this case did the right thing.


What They Will Do


When it comes to mortgage servicing, an expert witness may be called in to impart facts about how a mortgage servicer should work, and their opinion on whether the mortgage servicer in question did their due diligence in providing a loan to a consumer. They are not partial to the plaintiff or defendant and are instead working for the court.


Contact The Forst Group


Mr. Scott Forst has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage servicing industry. If you would like to hire him as an expert witness for your case, please give us a call at 844-913-3039 to learn more.

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